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Episode 35: Amid Amidi

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Legendary Animation Blog Sensation, Zine Czar, Biographical Ward Kimballist, and Podcast Interviewee Virgin, Amid Amidi, unveils his deepest words about Kansas, Crime Families, and Cartoon Brewhaha.



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DOWNLOAD: Amid Amidi (mp3)

Episode 27: Dino Stamatopoulos

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Live, from the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011, entertainment’s own comedy pangea, Dino Stamatopoulos, is paid to sit down with the very Joel Frenzer and Alan Foreman for the most overmodulated audiophonic conver-sensation* about his animated series Morel Orel and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole.  Topics include: writing for adult animated comedy while drinking, drinking for adult animated comedy while writing, star-shaped facial hair, adopting classical horror literary author names into titular innuendo forever linking them historically, and poutine.


Alan, Joel, Dino Stamatopolous from far away.

Alan, Joel, Dino Stamatopolous – OIAF 2011 Live Podcast (photo: Michael Valiquette)

Links to Your New Favorite Things:

  • Starburns Industries
  • Morel Orel
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole

Update: Season 2 of Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole will now debut December 11th on Adult Swim!!!  Watch it!!!

*Note 1: We apologize for the audio quality but, to be honest, the show would’ve been too perfect if otherwise, thus rendering all other art meaningless.  So, really, you are welcome.

DOWNLOAD: Episode 27: Dino Stamatopoulos (mp3)


Episode 21: Ottawa International Animation Festival – Part 2

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The Big Bang, Opposable Thumbs, Fire, the Wheel, Chop-Sticks, Animal Husbandry, The Mona Lisa, Gigli, Head-On, the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum.  Now, the most exciting conclusion to the most anticipated part 2 part of the most recorded audio podcast by the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2010…


DOWNLOAD: Episode 21: Ottawa International Animation Festival – Part 2 (mp3)


Guest List:

Episode 20: Ottawa International Animation Festival – Part 1

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Full laurels, keys to capitals, and banks of international accolades might weigh down other comedy podcast journaltarians of animation, but never for the lion-hearted, docu-brave, master news-making martyrs (and hyperbolically humble) Joel Frenzer and Alan Foreman.  Join them as they interview animation’s brightest and best about books, inappropriate cartoons, competing podcasts, pirates, and pumpkins – live from North America’s largest festival of international animation in Ottawa, ON in 2010 at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2010.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 20: Ottawa International Animation Festival – Part 1 (mp3)


Guest List:

Episode 19: Scott Aukerman

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This week’s eponymous episode retraces another retro return to the LA recordings featuring Alan inexplicably conversing through Skype and Joel inexpertly wrangling the pre-show mic check.  Special guest and expert sperm whale impressionist Scott Aukerman then stops by to discuss the art of writing the sequel of an animated feature before the original is written, the power of star-powered voice-acting, Toy Story 4, why FFAF is his favorite podcast, and how to narrate a picture book.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 19: Scott Aukerman (mp3)


Episode 17: JJ Villard

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FFAF continues its Salutation to Tinselville this week with more animation conversation from the Heart of Hollywood.  This week’s special guest and lovably evil animator-innovator, JJ Villard, scratches the true grit of the LA animation underbelly as he devles into discussion on his films, animation career prep, dirty-dogs, the worth of the festival-hussle, the subtext of the Walk of Fame, choice Starbucks beverages, Shrek, major studio lunch-spreads, and how to charm the evil of it all.

(Explicit Content)


DOWNLOAD: Episode 17: JJ Villard (mp3)


Episode 11: Adeline Colangelo

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This week on the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum, Alan experiments with the fine art of circular breathing and Joel achieves a record-setting number of “nows” while both puzzle over the continuing misappearance of the FFAF computer. Then, after some hard-battled man-powered guest-summoning, screen writer and Troma film starlet Adeline Colangelo enters the Forum to dish about writing for animation, how one stumbles into being a professional writer, and the finer points of like, ya know, mumble-core.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 11: Adeline Colangelo (mp3)


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