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Episode 32: Eugene Mirman

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Joel’s lethargy reveals his Darwinian struggle; Alan’s boredom reveals his disinterested struggle to stay awake.  Then, actor, comedian, and former Russian, Eugene Mirman, alights on voice-acting, Adult Swimming, and honorary comedy kinging.  [Note: Eugene is not dead, contrary to how “in memorium” the  photo looks below]


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Episode 25: Sean Kenin & The Smurfs

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Welcome to the most current content-ed and contented episode of the FFAF oeuvre. Alan and Joel sit down with the very Sean Kenin, voice-actor to the stars, to discuss his unique and defining role in the hit smash cinema-kapow, The Smurfs. Sean Kenin – made of pure magic.  PLUS, stick around for a very special bonus montage audio fantasy spectacle at the end of the end of the end music.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 25: Sean Kenin & The Smurfs (mp3)


Episode 10: Alex Butera & Lindsay Small

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On this decisode of the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum, Alan and Joel lament over the mysterious disappearance and unplanned obsolescence of The FFAF Computer, while entertaining a career in side-show freakery. Then Baman Piderman’s own power-couple, shoe-illustrator Lindsay Small and shoe-phobic Alex Butera, discuss dinner, dating, working in cartoons, cartoon networking, avant-god animation assignments, and how perfectly complimentary skill sets boost both animation production and home economy.  FFAF then gets a personal invite to their wedding where Joel and Alan will release doves through inventive voice-acting calisthenics.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 10: Alex Butera & Lindsay Small (mp3)


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Episode 08: Samantha Olschan & Isaac Short

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This week on the Frenzer Forman Animation Forum, Alan grills Joel about cheese, shoots the shot about pickles, and reveals his own unique down-home bathing technique.  Joel blurts out starts to thoughts, pauses dramatically to think of what to say next, and concludes non-sequitarily.  Then special guest, fan, animation motion maker, and high-seas adventurer, Sam Olschan, enlightens the discussion as she loquaciously elucidates on animation teaching philosophy, production practice, dance-fighting, the implausibility of Scrooge McDuck, Narwal Quick-Fire Challenges, and flirting with the FFAF Computer.  Six-year-old animation entrepreneur Isaac Short then visits the studio to seek advice about his next very very very traditional stop-motion masterpiece.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 08: Samantha Olschan & Isaac Short (mp3)


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