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Episode 24: Ron Diamond & Dan Sarto, The Animation Room, Uncle Billy Frenzer

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Few FFAF episodes have challenged the potent potential of what a jam-packed powder-keg of animation multilarities can illicit in the burgeoning minds of those seeking more lore and eternal wisdom of this frame-by-frame La Bamba than number 24.  This show is huge.  Ron Diamond + Dan Sarto = how to invent and maintain an international animation archive and animation short distribution empire while enjoying the best of Scotch and olive canning.  The Animation Room + The Animation Room = how to create an animation studio boyband right out of college.  And finally, Billy + Bill + William Frenzer = how to develop treasured American comedy songs into animated music videos that change the course of human history.  Perfection, sometimes, does not take time.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 24: Ron Diamond, Dan Sarto, The Animation Room, Uncle Billy Frenzer (mp3)


Episode 13: J.J. Sedelmaier

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The future is now on this week’s episode of the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum as Computer plugs Joel and Alan into the 21st century with their first ever Skype interview! Skyperview! Special Guest J.J. Sedelmaier “phones it in” about such subjects as comic books, graphic novels, and how to build and maintain an independent animation production company. Then, in the first ever Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum sing-song-story-telling-open-microradiophonic-sound-experience, Joel shares his latest therapy ballad about some extra baggage that he’s been carrying around. And make sure to stay tuned through the very end of the episode for a special FFAF out-take of Joel and Alan testing out their new technology with one of the biggest names in cinema history!


DOWNLOAD: Episode 13: J.J. Sedelmaier (mp3)


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