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Episode 03: Tim Finn & Lorelei Pepi

Posted in ffafpodcasts with tags , on 04/18/2010 by ffafcast

Author, animator, and 80’s cartoon voice reenactor, The Definitive Tim Finn, stops by to discuss coffee-table books, animation based on colors, and 3D Chess. Joel and Alan then engage Tim in a very brief but colossal battle of capitalism in FFAF’s newest radio game, “Two Minute Monopoly”. All is then put classier when the beautiful, the insightful, and the ever effervescent Lorelei Pepi reveals her unorthodox recipe for Italian Wedding Soup, her thoughts on animation and art, and why FFAF’s other newest radio game, “Brain Cloning”, is a good excuse to beat up on Joel’s face.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 03: Tim Finn & Lorelei Pepi (mp3)


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