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Episode 09: SMFA Student Animators & E.T.

Posted in ffafpodcasts with tags , , , , , on 06/07/2010 by ffafcast

On a Full Forum Super-Seven-Student Panelpalooza, Joel and Alan survey animation students who study animation at Boston’s extra-prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts about their likes, dislikes, and the future of future animation futures. During the course of the discourse, many fundamental life questions are questioned; what’s the best way to animate glitter raining down on a stripping cat?, would you really give up your right pinky for the abilities of a changeling?, how can one take a shower in the classroom?, and most importantly, can Hamburger Helper help you to help yourself?


DOWNLOAD: Episode 09: SMFA Student Animators & E.T. (mp3)


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