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Episode 32: Eugene Mirman

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Joel’s lethargy reveals his Darwinian struggle; Alan’s boredom reveals his disinterested struggle to stay awake.  Then, actor, comedian, and former Russian, Eugene Mirman, alights on voice-acting, Adult Swimming, and honorary comedy kinging.  [Note: Eugene is not dead, contrary to how “in memorium” the  photo looks below]


DOWNLOAD: Episode 32: Eugene Mirman (mp3)

More things Eugene:

Hyperbolic Studios:

Episode 31: Dr. Janeann Dill

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On this epic-sode, Joel discovers the vast musical range of a rubber band; Alan discovers his lack of interest. Then, Dr. Janeann Dill, physician to the arts, discusses the breaking of art history, animation balm, the deep south, and legendary animation artist, educator, and innovator Jules Engel.

  • The work of Dr. Janeann Dill:
  • Support her feature documentary on the life of Jules Engel!:


DOWNLOAD: Episode 31: Dr. Janeann Dill (mp3)

Dr. Janeann Dill and Jules Engel


Episode 27: Dino Stamatopoulos

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Live, from the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011, entertainment’s own comedy pangea, Dino Stamatopoulos, is paid to sit down with the very Joel Frenzer and Alan Foreman for the most overmodulated audiophonic conver-sensation* about his animated series Morel Orel and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole.  Topics include: writing for adult animated comedy while drinking, drinking for adult animated comedy while writing, star-shaped facial hair, adopting classical horror literary author names into titular innuendo forever linking them historically, and poutine.


Alan, Joel, Dino Stamatopolous from far away.

Alan, Joel, Dino Stamatopolous – OIAF 2011 Live Podcast (photo: Michael Valiquette)

Links to Your New Favorite Things:

  • Starburns Industries
  • Morel Orel
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole

Update: Season 2 of Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole will now debut December 11th on Adult Swim!!!  Watch it!!!

*Note 1: We apologize for the audio quality but, to be honest, the show would’ve been too perfect if otherwise, thus rendering all other art meaningless.  So, really, you are welcome.

DOWNLOAD: Episode 27: Dino Stamatopoulos (mp3)


Episode 24: Ron Diamond & Dan Sarto, The Animation Room, Uncle Billy Frenzer

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Few FFAF episodes have challenged the potent potential of what a jam-packed powder-keg of animation multilarities can illicit in the burgeoning minds of those seeking more lore and eternal wisdom of this frame-by-frame La Bamba than number 24.  This show is huge.  Ron Diamond + Dan Sarto = how to invent and maintain an international animation archive and animation short distribution empire while enjoying the best of Scotch and olive canning.  The Animation Room + The Animation Room = how to create an animation studio boyband right out of college.  And finally, Billy + Bill + William Frenzer = how to develop treasured American comedy songs into animated music videos that change the course of human history.  Perfection, sometimes, does not take time.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 24: Ron Diamond, Dan Sarto, The Animation Room, Uncle Billy Frenzer (mp3)


Episode 19: Scott Aukerman

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This week’s eponymous episode retraces another retro return to the LA recordings featuring Alan inexplicably conversing through Skype and Joel inexpertly wrangling the pre-show mic check.  Special guest and expert sperm whale impressionist Scott Aukerman then stops by to discuss the art of writing the sequel of an animated feature before the original is written, the power of star-powered voice-acting, Toy Story 4, why FFAF is his favorite podcast, and how to narrate a picture book.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 19: Scott Aukerman (mp3)


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