Episode 38: Richard O’Connor

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Richard O’Connor, Animation’s Best Dressed, stops by to discuss Medieval Word-Jousting, Chelsea Clinton’s sex life, turning an animated holiday card into festival gold, the seasonal affective disorder of Bertolt “Cuckhold” Brecht, and creating an animated signal film.



Remember, unlike the army, you don’t have to kill in animation to see the world…but you can.


Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC

Gawain’s Word

TV Funhouse

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Episode 37: Desiree Stavracos

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On today’s show, Joel and Alan blab out an intro.  Then, animator, artist, jet/trend setter, and calming spirit, Desiree Stavracos, stops by to discuss Bill Plympton’s new feature film Cheat’n, the day-to-day of being a professional producer, pencils, and progress thermometers.



Work of Desiree Stavracos:  www.desireestavracos.com

Plymptoons on Tumblr:  www.plymptoons.tumblr.com

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Episode 36: Liz Artinian

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Liz Artinian, owner/operator/curator of the Bunny Cutlet Gallery, stops by to discuss animation fine-art, art that is too much for TV, color theory, and her preference of hand slaps.



Work of Liz Artinian:


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Episode 34: Daniel Sousa (feat. Steven Subotnick)

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Episode 34 is the new Episode 35 on this Holiday Pre-Apocalyptic Podcastic FFAF Nod to the Mayan End.  Trim your trees and set your hearths to the calming voices of Joel and Alan as they discuss our advent of doom and bourbon.  Plus, Daniel Sousa drops by Canada to talk about his work, funding independent animation, animation student slave-trade, Portuguese math, and how Flash is like porn.  Plus, plus, Joel sits down for a rare one-on-one bonus interview with Steven Subotnick on simplicity, family, 3-letter animation titles, and tilling your quaint.



DOWNLOAD: Episode 34: Dan Sousa (feat. Steven Subotnick) (mp3)

The Work of Daniel Sousa: http://danielsousa.com/
The Work of Steven Subotnick: http://www.stevensubotnick.com/

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Episode 33: Jake Armstrong

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Joel bathes in potty-humor and Alan bleeds out of his head as they answer listener mail.  Then pre-sober post-carny Lucy-Liu-love’n Jake “Bourbon-Fingers” Armstrong stops by to discuss his rags-to-riches-to-rags tale of award-winning animation success, secrets of the human nasal-cavity, and how to cheat death.  The denouement will catharsisize your empathy.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 33: Jake Armstrong (mp3)

WATCH:  The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9

Internet Jake:  http://jakedraws.tumblr.com/

Episode 32: Eugene Mirman

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Joel’s lethargy reveals his Darwinian struggle; Alan’s boredom reveals his disinterested struggle to stay awake.  Then, actor, comedian, and former Russian, Eugene Mirman, alights on voice-acting, Adult Swimming, and honorary comedy kinging.  [Note: Eugene is not dead, contrary to how “in memorium” the  photo looks below]


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More things Eugene:  http://eugenemirman.com/

Hyperbolic Studios:  http://hyperbolicaudio.com/

Episode 31: Dr. Janeann Dill

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On this epic-sode, Joel discovers the vast musical range of a rubber band; Alan discovers his lack of interest. Then, Dr. Janeann Dill, physician to the arts, discusses the breaking of art history, animation balm, the deep south, and legendary animation artist, educator, and innovator Jules Engel.

  • The work of Dr. Janeann Dill: iiaci.com
  • Support her feature documentary on the life of Jules Engel!: indiegogo.com


DOWNLOAD: Episode 31: Dr. Janeann Dill (mp3)

Dr. Janeann Dill and Jules Engel

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