Alan Foreman graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2000 with a BFA in Film, Animation, and Video. Since then, he has worked on numerous animated television and web series including Home Movies (Cartoon Network), Hey, Monie (BET/Oxygen), Time Warp Trio (Discovery Kids), Word Girl (PBS), Kappa Mikey (Nicktoons Networks), Speed Racer: The Next Generation (Nicktoons Networks), and Three Delivery (Nicktoons Networks).

Alan is now working as a freelance animator and director out of his Brooklyn-based office. His clients include Hornet Inc.Six Point HarnessMichel GondryNick Jr., and The Electric Company (Sesame Workshop).

Alan is also the creator and animator behind the popular web series Cat Slap which has been licensed as part of Mondo Media’s mini shows.

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BFA       Rhode Island School of Design    Film/Animation/Video    2000



Clients: Hornet Inc. (NYC) animation, design; Six Point Harness (LA): animation; The Electric Company (Sesame Workshop-NYC): direction, design, animation, consultation; Nick Jr. (NYC): design; Michel Gondry (NYC): animation
Jan 2009 – Present
DIRECTOR: Animation Collective
Responsibilities: create and maintain visual style of animated content. manage teams of storyboarders, designers, and animators. over-see quality control of animated content. Projects: SKWOD (AOL) – director; Kappa Mikey (Nicktoons Networks) – assistant director; Speed Racer: The Next Generation ( Nicktoons Networks) – storyboard supervisor; Three Delivery (Nicktoons Networks) – director / art director
May 2005 – Dec 2008
FREELANCE ANIMATION: Soup 2 Nuts Productions
Projects: O’ Grady (Noggin) – writing and recording of original music, storyboarding, animation
Jan 2005 – May 2005
SENIOR ANIMATOR: Soup 2 Nuts Productions
Responsibilities: storyboarding, character and background design, animation, writing and recording of original music. art design and animation of multiple development projects.
 Projects: Hey, Monie (Oxygen and BET) – storyboarding, animation, and design; Home Movies (Cartoon Network) – storyboarding, animation, and design; Time Warp Trio (Discovery Kids) – storyboarding, character design; O’ Grady (Noggin) – storyboarding, animation, writing and recording of original music; Word Girl (PBS) – original character design
Nov 2000 – Jan 2005



  • Computer Programs: Adobe and Macromedia Flash, Pro-Tools, Reason, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Microsoft Word.
  • Equipment: digital and analog audio recording, digital and analaog video recording, CP-16, 16mm Bolex, manual and automated Oxberry animation rigs.

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