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Episode 19: Scott Aukerman

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This week’s eponymous episode retraces another retro return to the LA recordings featuring Alan inexplicably conversing through Skype and Joel inexpertly wrangling the pre-show mic check.  Special guest and expert sperm whale impressionist Scott Aukerman then stops by to discuss the art of writing the sequel of an animated feature before the original is written, the power of star-powered voice-acting, Toy Story 4, why FFAF is his favorite podcast, and how to narrate a picture book.



DOWNLOAD: Episode 19: Scott Aukerman (mp3)


Episode 29: OIAF Animators’ Picnic 2011 – Part 2

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It’s the FFAF Pre-Holiday Holiday Spectacular as Joel and Alan continue to bother more legends of international animation trying to eat, drink, and be wary at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011, Part 2.  PLUS, backstage hijinks and hosting recap of the OIAF 2011 Closing Ceremonies.

Guest List:


Thurop Van Orman, Joel, Brian Fitzgerald, Alan, Pendelton Ward (photo: Brooke Keesling)

Mike!, Joel!, Desiree!

Be afraid.

Unscripted perfection.

FFAF with Feature Animation Jury (photo: Michael Valiquette)

Joel, Lei Lei, Alan - Chinese Beat Rap Boxing

DOWNLOAD: Episode 29: OIAF Animator’s Picnic 2011 (mp3)


Ep. 14: Signe Baumane & Isaac Short

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On this episode of the Forum, Joel and Alan prognosticate the future of cinema and how podcasts are this century’s booming artform.  Then, independent animator and bunny-lover, Signe Baumane, presents her perspective on animation as art, art as animation, sex ed, the animated short vs. feature, how to finance your independent animation career, animation as a drug-habit, and how not to be a lonely rapist.  All are then joined by 6-year old Isaac Short as he works through his unhealthy obsession with early pioneers of animation.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 14: Signe Baumane & Isaac Short (mp3)


Isaac Short’s Early Pioneers of Animation Picks:

Episode 39: Leah Shore

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Multi-Multi-Media Animator, Make-up Artist, and Professional Hand-Cleaner, Leah Shore shares tips on making a hit animated short film based on interviews from a murderous cult leader, and how Revenge Musicals are the best way to counter-attack Betty White.  Make more stuff, Bitches!



Leah Shore is The Know:
Old Man (trailer):

DOWNLOAD: Episode 39: Leah Shore (mp3)

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