Book Frenzer and Foreman at your next event!

Abilities and Specializations:

– LIVE PODCASTING:  Advertise your school, studio, or function with a live custom podcast.  Frenzer and Foreman will promote your wares.

– ANIMATION WORKSHOPS:  Enjoy an entertaining learning experience as Frenzer and Foreman teach you traditional and cutting-edge animation techniques, new software tricks, voice-acting skills, scoring for animation, and, of course,  how to make and maintain a podcast.

– GUEST COMEDY HOSTING: Liven up any awkward event with the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum’s witty banter and wordcraft.

– FREELANCE ANIMATION COMMISSIONS:  Frenzer and Foreman are also animators for hire.  Any medium, any style, anywhere, anytime.

– ARTISTS TALKS:  Frenzer and Foreman are always up for screening their latest work, taking questions, giving answers, and meeting one-on-one with students or professionals for portfolio reviews and suggestions.

– VOICE OVERS:  Whether it be commercials or characters, Frenzer and Foreman can provide the right bright pitch or cast to magic any silent dream.

– ANIMATION/FILM SCORING:  Need brilliant and original music and sound effects for TV, Film, or your own independent auralscape?  Do you?

– ANIMATION HISTORY LECTURES:  Trip down animemory lane (and to the moon) as Frenzer and Foreman recount the last 100 + years of animation innovation and beyond.

For Booking Info contact JOEL FRENZER:


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  2. hermes france Says:

    Your article BOOKING | Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum: a comedy podcast about animation write very well, thank you share!

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