Episode 30: Gina Kamentsky

Welcome to 2012 with FFAF’s very special Valentine’s Day Special!  Who, what, where, when, why, and how do Joel and Alan love?  Then, animator/sculptor/toy-designer Gina Kamentsky joins the talk to discuss found-footage animation, kinetic esthetics, thorns in butts, and her new autobiography, Gloves and Goggles: The Gina Kamentsky Story.



Alan and Joel at RISD graduation, 2000.

Joel, Alan, and Tim Finn at RISD graduation, 2000.

CLICK PHOTO to watch The Beatbox Bastard on a Date!!!!!

DOWNLOAD: Episode 30: Gina Kamentsky (mp3)

One Response to “Episode 30: Gina Kamentsky”

  1. W00t! RISD class of 2G baby! Some of us still have jobs too!

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