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Episode 33: Jake Armstrong

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Joel bathes in potty-humor and Alan bleeds out of his head as they answer listener mail.  Then pre-sober post-carny Lucy-Liu-love’n Jake “Bourbon-Fingers” Armstrong stops by to discuss his rags-to-riches-to-rags tale of award-winning animation success, secrets of the human nasal-cavity, and how to cheat death.  The denouement will catharsisize your empathy.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 33: Jake Armstrong (mp3)

WATCH:  The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9

Internet Jake:

Episode 26: President Linda Beck

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Joel and Alan sit down with the very Linda Beck, newly inaugurated ASIFA East President, Animator, Producer, Actress, and Former Temp, to talk about those roles and birthing a human. Plus a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, which, if you are reading this online, trumps it’s impact: the new Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum website revealed at long last!


DOWNLOAD: Episode 26: President Linda Beck (mp3)


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Episode 23: RISD Senior Animation Students 2011

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Live, from the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating senior animation students take over the show and grill the very Alan Foreman and Joel Frenzer on their animation information.  Topics:  jobs in animation immediately after school, maintaining your own art practice while working in the studio, secrets of FFAF podcast production, beatboxing, general fears, and the rapture.  Refereed by RISD Animation Professor All-Stars, Amy Kravitz and Bryan Papciak.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 23: RISD Senior Animation Students 2011 (mp3)


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Episode 15: Joel Frenzer

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This episode 15 of the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum will shock and anesthetize your extra cognition of the outer workings of the inner minutia of the broad specifics of animation.  Alan Foreman straps the very Joel Frenzer into the special guest hot-seat to scour the depths of his animation teaching philosophy, artistic process, and his thoughts on his thoughts.  The easiest to book and most self-reverential episode in the FFAF archive to date!


DOWNLOAD: Episode 15: Joel Frenzer (mp3)


Episode 10: Alex Butera & Lindsay Small

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On this decisode of the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum, Alan and Joel lament over the mysterious disappearance and unplanned obsolescence of The FFAF Computer, while entertaining a career in side-show freakery. Then Baman Piderman’s own power-couple, shoe-illustrator Lindsay Small and shoe-phobic Alex Butera, discuss dinner, dating, working in cartoons, cartoon networking, avant-god animation assignments, and how perfectly complimentary skill sets boost both animation production and home economy.  FFAF then gets a personal invite to their wedding where Joel and Alan will release doves through inventive voice-acting calisthenics.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 10: Alex Butera & Lindsay Small (mp3)


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Episode 09: SMFA Student Animators & E.T.

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On a Full Forum Super-Seven-Student Panelpalooza, Joel and Alan survey animation students who study animation at Boston’s extra-prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts about their likes, dislikes, and the future of future animation futures. During the course of the discourse, many fundamental life questions are questioned; what’s the best way to animate glitter raining down on a stripping cat?, would you really give up your right pinky for the abilities of a changeling?, how can one take a shower in the classroom?, and most importantly, can Hamburger Helper help you to help yourself?


DOWNLOAD: Episode 09: SMFA Student Animators & E.T. (mp3)


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