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Episode 22: Michael Markman / Shelia Sofian & David Fain

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The sounds of chewing, the sounds of music, the sounds of talking.  Episode 22 of the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum.  Featuring: Joel, Alan, Sam Olschan, Computer, Guests, Alan’s Cat, Beef Jerky, Sinatra, Elvis, Plucky Duck, Animated Documentaries, and Ricky Gervais.  Enjoy.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 22: Michael Markman / Shelia Sofian & David Fain (mp3)


Episode 16: Mike Overbeck

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The Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum hits Hollywood this week as they kick off their exclusive and elusive star-studded six week podcasting tour of the west coast animation dynasty.  It’s FFAFLA 2010!  Join Alan, Joel, Computer, and Sam Olschan as they tinkle and toast their way into the hearts of the industry’s most influential celebrataunts and debuties.  Special guest and International Manimator of Mystery, Mike Overbeck, gets things going as he discusses his commercial work, personal films, unemployment animation time-fillers, and interrogation spy techniques.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 16: Mike Overbeck (mp3)


Episode 13: J.J. Sedelmaier

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The future is now on this week’s episode of the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum as Computer plugs Joel and Alan into the 21st century with their first ever Skype interview! Skyperview! Special Guest J.J. Sedelmaier “phones it in” about such subjects as comic books, graphic novels, and how to build and maintain an independent animation production company. Then, in the first ever Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum sing-song-story-telling-open-microradiophonic-sound-experience, Joel shares his latest therapy ballad about some extra baggage that he’s been carrying around. And make sure to stay tuned through the very end of the episode for a special FFAF out-take of Joel and Alan testing out their new technology with one of the biggest names in cinema history!


DOWNLOAD: Episode 13: J.J. Sedelmaier (mp3)


Episode 05: Dan Abdo

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On FFAF’s big 5-week anniversary celespectaculation, Joel expunges another special circuitous grievance about inconsequential matters pertaining to his favorite subject, Animation, with no real concluding statement.  Alan’s face reacts quizzically.  Later, Director and Animator Dan Abdo enters The Forum to discuss comics, commercials, censuses, corporate identities, and exactly why Vermont is for lovers.

Listen for the new FFAF “Special Bonus Bit” after closing theme song.


DOWNLOAD: Episode 05: Dan Abdo (mp3)


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