Episode 31: Dr. Janeann Dill

On this epic-sode, Joel discovers the vast musical range of a rubber band; Alan discovers his lack of interest. Then, Dr. Janeann Dill, physician to the arts, discusses the breaking of art history, animation balm, the deep south, and legendary animation artist, educator, and innovator Jules Engel.

  • The work of Dr. Janeann Dill:¬†iiaci.com
  • Support her feature documentary on the life of Jules Engel!:¬†indiegogo.com


DOWNLOAD: Episode 31: Dr. Janeann Dill (mp3)

Dr. Janeann Dill and Jules Engel

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One Response to “Episode 31: Dr. Janeann Dill”

  1. Dr. Janeann Dill Says:

    You are, indeed, the “Click & Clack of Animation.” Thank you for a terrific interview … I am s t i l l laughing!

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